Gold Earrings

Gold Earrings

In order to create my gold earrings, I start by sketching the general idea of a set of jewels so that they are all connected. Once I have this structured image, I begin to shape what will become the final designs for each piece of jewelry. 

Gold Earrings | Alessandra Lapeschi

Designing Gold Earrings 

Designing gold earrings is not easy. I use 18k gold in order to get the quality that this material provides. In addition to this, the idea of eternity that I want to transmit. The gold earrings that emerge from this process have two intertwined hearts representing this eternity. In some designs this symbol is recognisable at first glance because it is the fundamental part of the piece, and in other models it can be seen in the details, for example in the clasp or the ring. It is how I achieve that each piece maintains this meaning.

Handmade Gold Earrings 

Since I started creating my gold earrings, it was clear to me that I had to make them with the best craftsmen. Therefore, each piece is manufactured in Italian workshops to achieve the finish I am looking for. I use precious stones and diamonds to enhance the colour and impact of my jewelry. All diamonds are set one by one by hand. 
In my earring collection I design these gold earrings to achieve the unique and classic pieces I imagine myself wearing. They keep my classic, yet contemporary style, which I reflect in each model. When I see the finished gold earrings, I feel that what I have defined at the beginning of the creative process is fulfilled. This way of conceiving jewelry is what I want to pass along to the women who acquire my design and make it part of themselves, obtaining the goal for which they were created: to enjoy an eternal piece of jewelry.